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Login with Google Account using PHP / Javascript using OAuth2.0

Login with Google Account using PHP with code

This post have Complete Code for Login / Sign-in  with google Account  using PHP / Javascript with oAuth2.0

Basically today we have seen almost every website needs you to register yourself before you can post or take part in any discussions to the website. But it become a tedious task to register and login to many different sites. Solution is to provide the users the option to Login with existing Google / Facebook account as almost everyone have Facebook and Google account..

In this post, I am going to explain how to integrate the Google Login / Sign in  for your website.

For this,  First you need to create your Client ID, Client Secret and your developer API key.

For this go to

Click on the button Create Project. A new window will open up. Please select Create Project / or select already created Project.

It will then ask for about type of Project. Please select Web-browser. Then it will ask for url of page on which login button will appear. Enter the url.

Once, you do this, you will get the credentials. Download the credentials file(credentials.json) file.

Now write CODE :

You can simply pass the information you get in java-script function to the Backend.

Thats it.

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  1. If you like the post, please leave the comment.
    If i got good response, then very soon i will be do a post on "Login with Facebook" and others..

  2. Great work!
    But not able to download src file and not able to view demo

  3. @sujeet : please check again..
    I have checked and its working fine..

    If you any issue, let me know.

  4. please see this:

  5. Sujeet you can download the code

    Still if you are unable, please mail me,,ii will reply with the code

  6. i still cannot get the source files pls share the link

  7. Link is also on the same server. Looks like u are having some firewall issues. I will upload the code on some different domain will give you the link;)

  8. I cannot download the source code. Can please provide another download link?

  9. Hi Ankit,

    Are you using the latest Google+ Sign in Api as mentioned in ?

  10. It's just WORKED, amazing, 1000 thanks.

    I don't understand why/how google are writing their samples codes. It should be like this !

    Best regards

  11. 400. That’s an error.

    Error: redirect_uri_mismatch

    Application: kolusu

    1. Please clear your browser cache and then try. I checked it just now, its working fine..

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  13. Hi,
    I want to integrate Google Login for my website
    Your tutorial is awesome however "download source code" link is not working... please help !!!

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