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Whats there in Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

A look at Samsung galaxy Grand 2( A new upcoming Samsung phone)

With the Huge success of Samsung Grand, Samsung is now going to introduce a New one in the series.


So what will be there in Grand 2?????????

Full specs obviously can be found at  gsmarena.,
I would like to just point out few advantages of using this phone:

Resolution in Grand 2 is:  720 x 1280 pixels
Screen Size :                    5.25 inches

which are better as compared to previous Model.(480 * 800 and 5 inch).
Users will now have much more fun watching high quality videos.

Talking about RAM size : 1.5 GB RAM (previously it was 1 GB in Grand)
Also CPU, previously it was Dual - Core but now  it is Quad- Core 1.2ghz
This will ensure user a high processing speed and very good performance.

Talking about battery : 

This time they have used the battery of 2600mAH battery which will allow users to have more stand-by time.and allow them to use the phone for longer duration.

 So, guys these are the main advantages of this new comer in Samsung Series.

Waiting eagerly for it release in the market.

For more info :


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